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Monday, July 2, 2007

Going Home!

Well were are getting ready to catch a flight back to Georgia. Although we have had a fun and productive 8 days, we are both ready to get back into our own bed! Plus we are seriously going through "Lilo and Stitch" withdrawals. Yesterday we had lunch at "Joes Crab Shack" to celebrate our Anniversary....I had crablegs/shrimp and thought about Alex the entire time. She loves crab legs more than anyone I know!

We also took a drive up to the Mountaineer Gaming Resort. It is about 14 miles from our new house and it is a very nice facility. I can only imagine the increase in business when they open the gaming tables on September 1st! Hey Matt, sounds like a Sept/Oct trip during the fall folliage is the time for you to come! Check out this picture of a cooling tower at the nuclear power plant north of us in Pennsylvania! Can you say Erin Brokovich? LOL Scary, huh?

We had dinner last night with Ben and Pam (our new friends in PA). Ben is the Squadron Commander for Don's new reserve base. Very friendly couple, and Pam is a hairdresser! Yippee!! They took us to dinner at Jerome Bettis' Grille 36 just across the parking lot from Heinz Field. Gotta love a retired Steeler that opens a restaurant across the street from the stadium! He put one way glass in the restrooms so you can see into the bar and restaurant while doing your business...weird, huh? Here are some pictures from last night:

Pam & Ben:

My brother sent me some awesome pictures of my nephew, Jesse Ryder! He is so sweet and I cant wait to get my hands on him again. I just hope it is before he graduates kindergarten! LOL

Have a great Monday. Tomorrow morning we meet with TMO (the movers) and should have a better idea as to when they will pack up all of our household goods and get me moved to West Virginia. I will continue to post all the information on this site so you can keep up with us.

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Anonymous said...

Jesse Ryder is so cute...can't believe he is that big! Yeah, that nuclear plant is kind of scary...Macy & I were looking through her scrapbook yesterday and we got to the Georgia page...there is a pic of her with Stitch...she asked where Lilo was...cute, huh? We talk about you guys all the time to her...can't wait for her to see you again!

Love, Darla