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Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Post for My Mom

Spoke to my Mom by phone this morning and we are working on ideas for decorating the new house. I also have received some emails from a few of you that are unable to figure out how to see the previous posts and are asking for me to repost a picture of the house. To the left of your screen under my picture holding the palm tree painting you can see links listed by month to my previous posts. If you click on them you can open up all the posts I have ever posted!

Mom - here is the window between the sunroom and the formal living room. I still think the windows Sandy painted would look great hanging in this space. Just need Dad to put up some hooks for me:

Here are all of the kitchen pictures I have:

Here are the pictures I have of the guest bath on the main floor:

Hey Dad - the hand railing outside these windows is what needs to be painted and/or water sealed to prevent them from rotting. I would like to paint them, Don kinda likes the look of the weathered wood and votes for just sealing them. What do you think?

I am going to look for wallpaper/border. Will post some samples either later tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight and stop worrying about redecorating. I keep telling Don that "Operation Ivy" is the most stressfull move yet!

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