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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy New Year - FINALLY!

I can't believe that January is almost over and I haven't had the chance to blog even once so far this year! I started my job at H&R Block on the 3rd. And I got a call from the firm asking me to start work on the 4th instead of the 14th as orginially planned. So this year started off very busy with two jobs.

I absoultely love the firm I am working for. My boss is great and I like the personal injury cases. I am getting used to working in a large firm - there are 10 lawyers, twice as many secretaries, 4 paralegals, 3 law clerks, two receptionists and a runner! I am used to a one lawyer/one secretary office. We work very hard, but have fun too. Thursday night we had a "Girls Only" farewell pizza/beer party for the female lawyer that is leaving, and it was fun to hear some of the antics and stories about the firm. I remember thinking "if this conference room is bugged we might all be fired tomorrow".....the rest of the girls laughed and said the "guys" would get a kick out of us making fun of them. I am still not sure about that one!

H&R Block is VERY busy this week. I work today from Noon -9:00 p.m. I was suppose to go in at 3:00, but they called and said I had appointments booked every hour on the hour beginning at noon. That is good news - the more returns the more money I make.

Don is still in D.C. at the National Security Conference. He really enjoyed his visit to the Capital Building on Thursday and he got to sit in an listen to the Senate as they were passing a bill. Something that I would LOVE to do - maybe one day!

Last week brought an inch of snow every day. We had about 4 inches on the ground last night when I went to bed and I woke up this morning to another inch that fell during the night. Got my haircut first thing this morning and then spent the next hour shoveling snow and clearing the driveway and walkways around the house. Hopefully the sun will come out Monday and melt most of it away.

For those of you waiting on my phone calls, be patient. I worked HR Block this past Monday and Tuesday nights. Wednesday night Stitch had a vet appointment and I had a dinner engagement with friends. Thursday night I worked late and last night I went to bed at 6:45!!! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to return phone calls, emails and send out a few thank you notes that are WAY past due!

Enjoy your week, and hopefully I can up date this blog more often!