Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

Sunday, July 15, 2007

One more day until packout begins....

I am exhausted already and this whole move has really just begun! My parents came over last Wednesday and helped me immensely! I am just about ready for the packers who will be here at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. Wouldn't you know they plan to start in the kitchen and in my craft room. I think that was preplanned by the powers that be so that I wouldn't be tempted to create instead of pack! The good news is I will not be doing much cooking either I guess. Don flys home today from Pittsburgh and is now officially the owner of two homes!

He closed on the new house on Friday the 13th...those of you who know me well know that I avoid certain numbers. I guess we have turned over a new leaf in the superstition department. We bought a house AND I actually wrote a check on Friday! I never do any banking on the 13th either. BUT, I had to take my parents to Creekside Catfish for dinner. That is one of my favorite places to eat in Georgia and I wanted to share it with them before I moved away. I think they liked it as much or more than Don and I. I will certainly miss Friday night catfish when I get to West Virginia.

Sorry I havent had much time for blogging this week. Plus, Don had the digital camera in Pittsburgh so I couldnt make or upload pictures. Oh yeah, remember the snakes in my water meter? Guess who lives in the bushes outside my master bedroom windows? I have affectionately named him "Chip". Not sure if "Dale" exists, but I will keep you posted! I thought I was moving to the land of pirates and penquins...not snakes and chipmunks!

Don also got some views of the Ohio River from the house on a clear day. The first shot is looking right and the second is looking left. Can't wait to enjoy coffee in the mornings overlooking the river.

Have to say "Good Luck" to my FIL Jay. Tomorrow afternoon is his thyroid surgery and I know he will do just fine. Can't wait until he is recovered and can come up and visit us.

Don just called and he has landed in Atlanta. On Friday after he closed on the house, our realtor "Anita" took Don to lunch and she brought along her sister who was visiting her from North Carolina this week. This morning when Don boarded his flight back to Atlanta he ran into Anita's sister again...she was seated right next to him on the same flight back to Atlanta!! It is just another sign!


Anonymous said...

Thank God you posted something...I was having withdrawals!!!! That Chip is so cute...can't wait for the pictures of Don hand feeding him. I too can not wait until we are sipping coffee together with Macy Kate overlooking that beautiful river! Good luck with your move...you will be in our prayers!

Love, Darla

Sandy McTier said...

I'm so sad! I cannot believe the time has come and it will be Saturday before we know it and you'll be gone! I sure am gonna miss you but know that we are LIFE LONG FRIENDS and will always keep in touch and see each other whenever possible!
Hope the move goes well.
boohoo! boohoo! boohoo!

Shane said...

Mom doesn't eat fish or did she let me know. Catfish fry at the lake may be in our future.

Okay lets retrace tish Terry Stephanie route, Richmond, VA., Prattville, AL., Deatsville, AL.(Autauga County = Indian for we can't get cable), Deastville, AL. (Elmore County = Prattville for Elmorons), Warner Robins,GA., Weirdtown, W.VA. (Snake Capitol of the Ohio River) Can you move any further away from your Baby Brother?