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Saturday, July 21, 2007

ROAD TRIP! Day One....

Boy were we excited to see Warner Robins in our rear view mirror this morning. We left town about 10:30 and arrived at our hotel in Wytheville, Virginia at 5:30 p.m. Traffic was okay, the weather was great and once we crossed into the mountains in Virginia the view was fantastic!! The puppies did very well and are excited to be running free in the hotel room.

The mountains in Virginia really are beautiful. I took this picture getting off the exit to our hotel. That is Don and the puppies in the car in front of me!

I was young and immature when I lived here and apparently never really saw the true beauty of this State. The cool air when we got out of our car this evening was very refreshing. Don is anxious to get to the new house tomorrow, and so am I, but I have to say that I am more excited about the drive between here and there since I have never been this route before. I hear the view gets better the further north through West Virgina. Hopefully I can get some pictures. Don doesn't like me making pictures with my camera while driving. (wonder why, lol) My friend Opal tells me that Wheeling, WV is a very beautiful city. It is about 30 miles from our new home and I can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow.

My friend Barb called my cell phone and entertained me while I was on the road today. I am going to miss all my friends from Warner Robins, and hope that they will get a chance to come and visit soon. The next few weeks will be busy getting the house ready and getting Don settled in his new job. My son Jimmy called just as we got into the hotel room. He and Amy were headed for sushi, and I sure wish Don and I could join them. We can't wait for them to come and visit when they can.

Don went to pick us up some take out for dinner...can't wait to eat, shower and hit the sack! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers while we are on the road traveling. Hopefully we will have internet access at the house tomorrow night and I can update my blog.

Have a great Saturday night, I know Don and I will....Virginia is for lovers you know! (wink)

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Sandy McTier said...

Look at those puppies! TOO CUTE! I'm sure they are as anxious to get settled into their new home as you and Don are. Hope you didn't wear yourselves out on the first night in the land for lovers ~ hehehe. Miss ya already!