Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

Friday, July 27, 2007


Boy am I glad it is Friday! Don's first day of work was yesterday and I worked on unpacking. Today was very rainy and dreary so I slowed the pace a bit. It was like living in the clouds this morning. The fog was so thick that I didnt' even see the river view until after lunch.

This week went pretty good all things considered. The movers came on Tuesday around 10:00 a.m. and left around 5:30. Everything arrived pursuant to the inventory sheet and so far I have only found one broken margarita glass and a small scratch on my amish oak coffee table. I had to smile when I found these items, because it brought back memories of our move to Georgia. I had one broken margarita glass (from the same exact set) and a small scratch on my piano bench. Guess it is a moving tradition for the Richeys, huh? I have been kind of frustrated this week with the way my boxes were marked. I opened a box marked "lamp shades" and found the dog beds! I opened a box marked "pots and pans" and found part of Don's nightstand stuff, my rice steamer, some pictures frames and a picnic basket! I did laugh out loud at this box though:

I am pleased to report that there were actually cutting boards in the box!!

Stitch and Lilo are making the transition, slowly but surely. Stitch LOVES the river view and wants to be out on the deck or in the sunroom looking out towards the water. Here is a picture I made last Sunday night of the view. It is kind of blurry, but you get the effect:

The biggest challenge this week was the fact that my washer and dryer had, well lets say..connection problems. MY dryer had a four prong plug, and the house has a three prong outlet. SO...Don goes to Lowes, purchases a three prong dryer plug and gets home only to find out that the three prongs on the cord he purchased do not match the three holes in the outlet in this almost 70 year old house. Don drives back to Lowes only to find that they do not make a three prong dryer hose that matches our outlet. There were no employees around to help, however, Don did run into an electrician in that department who informed him that he needed to purchase a range cord, not a dryer cord, because of the age of our home. Thank goodness he found her and took her advice, because it worked perfectly! NOW...the washing machine issue...there is no drain line in my laundry room in which to insert the drain hose from the washer. This was very confusing, as Don and I knew that the previous owners obviously did laundry! We were having dinner with our neighbors on Tuesday night and they asked why we had inquired about a plumber. When we informed them that the house had no drain line for the washer they looked puzzled. Our new friend Connie asked "You mean there is no laundry tub in the basement?". I promptly replied "you mean a mud sink?". She said "what is a mud sink" and I replied "what is a laundry tub?". APPARENTLY we have no idea how to install laundry facilities in the South. I thought this sink was for bathing babies and puppies, and for cleaning my golf shoes! In West Virginia the "laundry tub" is for draining the washing machine! You hook the drain hose over the edge, secure it, and you place an aluminum mesh sleeve over the end to catch the lint. OH yeah...and I was also informed that you listen for the rinse water in the laundry tub because that is what you use to mop the floor of your basement. Don and I just looked at each other and couldn't believe what we were hearing! However, we did get all the supplies for this crazy contraption at Lowes and Don has it all up and working! See!

Oh yeah...after dinner when Connie was leaving she asked "Why do they call it a mud sink? You dont put mud in it do you?" That is promply when I started getting homesick.

My parents are coming this weekend and that always makes me feel better. Can't wait to post some pictures of the house as we get things in the proper place. I also hope to get a picture of the three fawns and doe that are living in the trees in our backyard. They are dining nicely on the plants, chestnuts and black walnuts in our yard!

Have a great weekend and stay in touch with us. Our emails and cell phones are all the same. We miss our friends and family so much.


Sandy McTier said...

Too funny ~ that we live in the same country and some of the simpliest things are SO different!
Sounds like things are moving along with the unpacking ~ that marked box - cuttin bords ~ had me rolling on the floor.
Kendall had to give his name to someone yesterday and they wrote it down - when we got the ticket it said ~ Keno motao.hehehe.
Have a great weekend. Tell your parents we said hello and Hope Don liked his first couple of days at work. Miss ya.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,
I had to laugh so hard when I read about the washer machine. My parents have the same thing, washer machine hose hanging over the basement sink. The funny thing is we had to listen for it draining to run down & put the softener (Downy) in the washer. Mud sink, I'm with your neighbors, what is that???

Miss stopping by!