Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weirton Rennasiance Festival

Today we drove up to the house in Weirton, West Virginia. I am trying hard to learn my way around up here, through all the hills, valleys, mountains, etc. When we got to Weirton, Main Street was blocked off for a Rennasiance Festival. Don and I stopped and got a taste of the local flair....greek food, some of which I loved and some of which I hated. We did meet some of our neighbors and some of the local folks, all of whom were very friendly and seemed genuinely happy that we were moving into town.

We met our neighbor Marge Grieco, who volunteers at the Weirton Area Museum & Cultural Center. Yes, she asked if I would be interested in volunteering some time, of course I said I would. I also met Pam, who is in charge of the local Library. She is looking for volunteers to teach people to read. Yes, I told her I would come and talk to her. You know me....Don once said he is going to buy me the t-shirt that says "Stop me before I volunteer again". LOL

We were excited to learn that the vote today resulted in the passing of the local casino to put in table games. The Mountaineer Gaming Resort is about 14 miles from our house. It is a horse track with slots. But, after the vote today they will be putting in table games...poker, blackjack, etc. I remember when the casinos came in to Biloxi Mississippi and the real estate market exploded in value. Hopefully this will happen in Weirton as well.

Weirton, West Virginia is connected to Stuebenville, Ohio by this bridge over the Ohio River that reminds me of the bridge in Savannah, Georgia.

I was delighted to mapquest the directions from Don's parents house to our new house...514 miles..just about 8 hours! From my parents house it is 800 miles and 13 hours. Still not to far to travel in the right weather! Can't wait to get my house all decorated and get the family up to visit. Would love to take Macy Kate to the children's science center and the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium!

Not sure what the plans are for tomorrow just yet. Don and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary tomorrow, and the only plan so far is to have dinner at "Jerome Bettis' Grille 36" which is a new restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh. We are having dinner with the Squadron Commander and his wife. Don nor I have ever met them before. Should be fun.

Okay, finally...lower level of the house pictures! I think after this post, I will have posted a picture of every room in the house....can't wait to post them with all MY STUFF in it!

The door in this picture leads to the driveway and backyard...it is currently never used:

The door in this shot goes into the two car garage:

Real woodburning fireplace:

The downstairs bath is completely tiled..walls and floors:

There is also a large laundry area, storage room and the wine closet on this floor. I dont have those pictures on my computer, so I will post them another day. Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. It sure is nice to be able to post all this information for my family and friends to keep up with our busy lives!


Sandy McTier said...

Greek food ~ YUMMY!!!!
Is your neighbor related to Richard Grieco - remember him from 21 Jump Street?? hehehe
Hope you and Don have a very
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! You are so awesome together!!!
Thanks for watching the fort for me and I'll see you when I get home.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing as Sandy about the Greico...nice about the poker stuff...now Matt will probably set a date for sure to come visit. We might not get to see him much...Macy is playing with her Disney baby and stroller right now - she loves it! Happy Anniversary to all of us!