Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Loading Up!

The BIG truck arrived this morning at 8:30 and the crew of 4 is busy loading everything up. We were kind of concerned at first, because the truck already has 6600 lbs of household goods headed to Maryland to another Lt. Col.'s home, which will be delivered on Monday. This means my stuff wont arrive at at the new house until Tuesday. There were thoughts that they might have to bring my shipment on two trucks on two different days. Now that the driver has looked at everything, he is fairly certain it will all fit on the current 18 wheeler. He is still somewhat nervous about the neighborhood where we are moving being on top of the mountain and his being able to navigate this huge truck up the West Virginia back roads! I told him I know I couldnt do it, but I had faith in his abilities! I love the new logo on the moving trucks the contractors use to move Military families:

I thought this was very appropriate and it made me smile when I saw it first thing this morning. Makes you feel good to know how proud and honored these companies are to be moving our "Heros".

Stitch has not exactly enjoyed all the commotion this week. He is in a room where he can see the truck and the front door of the house. Every time one of the guys comes through the front door headed to the truck with a box or a piece of furniture he starts barking. I think he thinks they are stealing all my stuff! He is so funny! Both puppies have actually been awesome this whole week with the disruption. I know they will be as glad as we are when this move is finished and we are settled.


Anonymous said...

We've been praying for you guys this week...will continue to do so until you are settled in West Virginia. Have a safe trip up there and let us know when you arrive!

Love, Darla

Kim said...

We'll miss you. Please keep blogging so we can keep up with you. I hope all continues to go well with the move. Hugs ~ Kim

Sandy McTier said...

I cannot believe that you are packed up and on the road today leaving GA for WV. You better keep in touch!