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Monday, July 2, 2007

Home Inspection Complete...

The Inspector inspected the house in West Virginia this morning. He says the house is in great shape and he only found a few things that need to be fixed. Something about three GFI's that dont work and three wall outlets have reverse polarity. Not sure what all this means, but the Sellers will have to have an electrician correct the problem before closing. I am still waiting on the full report, but we are pleased to know that the house is in as good a shape as we thought!

Check out Miss Macy Kate! She got a hold of a black magic marker and apparently decided to color her mouth! So funny. She turned two on Saturday and I am certain she is a handful:

I am sitting in the Pittsburgh Airport waiting on my flight. Can't wait to get back to Atlanta to the.....90+ degree weather? OH NO!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I've tried to send pictures from Macy's birthday, but I keep getting an upload error. So, I think I"ll go to town tomorrow and just copy them all to a disc and send that to you! Hope you have a safe trip getting home.

Love, Darla