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Friday, July 6, 2007


Okay...SO. I don't particularly care for this look in my new kitchen. (It must be said that you know who does. Actually he likes the idea of the window look more than the Tuscan look I think).

I really don't want to have to wallpaper the entire kitchen, but I want to do something to bring my Americana country theme to the room, and throw in a few sunflowers as well. Keeping in mind that I would keep the faux wall of yellow and blue (that is wallpaper not paint), how about if I cover the Tuscan window with this country window?

I love the pip berry vine and the stars, and guess what...Don does too! Maybe add some real pip berry vines and sunflowers over the cabinets?

Gotta get to bed....my "Mom" a/k/a my personal shopper a/k/a my interior decorator, is gettng up early to shop for rugs for my new house and I promised to be waiting by the phone for further instructions. Then I am kissing hubby goodbye as he leaves to go back to Pittsburgh to close on our house, and then it is off to the wallpaper store. Mom, Dad, Don? Are we having fun yet?

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