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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Road Trip...Day Two...We Made It!!

I can hardly believe we are finally here! I am so tired and so overwhelmed by how much there is to get done. My household goods arrive on Tuesday, so I have tomorrow to get organized. I have been nonstop since we got here at 1:00 today. I still have to get some cleaning done and buy some groceries, I seriously have to get some sleep too!

You cannot imagine how horrible this day really was....well, not horrible in the true sense, but such bad karma was with me today. After getting a pretty good nights sleep in the hotel last night, we loaded the car and was ready to start our trip at 8:00. HOWEVER, I forgot and left the electric cooler plugged in my car last night. Yep, you guessed it. My car battery was dead. Thank goodness Don had his own car, a pair of jumper cables, and the good memory to recall at least one of the vehicle maintenance/repair procedures that Jay tried so hard to teach him growing up. We were up and running and on the road within minutes. I was pretty impressed, I must say. Of course, that was just the beginning.....

We arrived at the new house around 1:00. Our realtor, Anita, met us with the keys, garage door openers, an delicious lunch, some cool gifts and a much needed bottle of Merlot. (Which until this exact minute I had forgotten about, so it remains unopened for now). After we enjoyed lunch and showed the puppies around, we decided to pull the cars into the garage so we could unload. WELL....my garage at this house is MUCH SMALLER than the large garage I had in Georgia. I was pretty certain I had it licked, until CRUNCH...I ran the rear fender well into the brick column separating my side of the garage from Don's. For the record, this is the first major damage I have done to ANY vehicle during mine and Don's relationship. (I did hit the trim work on Don's mom's garage with my side mirror once, but it didn't hurt the car so that doesn't count). Check out the damage:

Not that bad you say? That is exactly how I feel! Don says about $1000 in repairs and is dying to get an estimate like tomorrow. "What?", I said. I think we best wait until I learn to manuever this new narrow driveway and garage before we start getting repairs. It might need more repairs if we get it fixed too soon, right? I did talk him into getting an estimate on having the driveway extended and a parking pad installed.

Poor Stitch was stressed from the move, ate a belly full of mint from the herb garden in the side yard while I was unloading (damaging) my car. He promptly came in the house and threw up on the newly cleaned carpet. Don was sure he probably ate some rat poison, but I calmly explained that the dog must be just as upset about the damage to my car as he was. I thought there for a while we were all going to throw up!

Things settled down, the neighbors on both side came over to introduce themselves and then I decided to take Lilo out for a potty break. She loves running in the soft grass and smelling the mint and basil in the yard. She took off on a full blown run towards the sunroom, launched herself up the steps and slammed smack dab into the sliding glass door! Reminded me of a windex commercial, only more scary. She hit so hard she feel backwards down the four steps and stood up staggering.....I thought..."won't be five minutes before she is throwing up on the carpet too!" Stitch was standing on the otherside of the glass when this happened and I was glad to see he was obviously feeling better because I swear he was smiling! Really!

Anyway...that is about enough excitement for one day. I gotta get some sleep so I can get some cleaning done and start organizing this mess. I promised my Mom I wouldnt work myself sick before she got here....I sure hope she hurries up....is it the 29th yet?

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Sandy McTier said...

OMGosh! Sounds like you had a day like I did.
Hope the car doesn't cost that much. Maybe you should cover that post with some FOAM ~ hehehe.
Can't wait to see pics of you decorate (or after the 29th) when your moms has decorated.
Have a great week unpacking!