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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Signs of Fall...

Just had to share some pictures I took this morning of the Fall Foilage that is starting to blanket West Virginia. We are far from peak, but I bet by this time next month things will be in full color!

Have you ever noticed that Dogwood Trees have berries in the Fall? I never knew that. I am told that you can actually make jam/jellies from these fall berries. They look beautiful:

My holly bushes are also in full bloom. I have to remember that so I can cut some sprigs during the holidays to bring in the house for a centerpiece:

Lots of you are asking about the Ivy...it is starting to turn, and is mostly deep purple on the north and west sides of the house:

I also found a rose bud a few days ago by the trellis at my kitchen door. I kept meaning to get a picture of it before it bloomed, but forgot. This morning I checked on it and this is what I found:

I have never had much luck with growing roses, but I am told this is the perfect climate for them. I will have to read up on how to care for the rose bush and feed it during the winter.

Not much else to report from West Virginia. Today the high is only in the 60's but starting tomorrow it will be in the low 80's again for the week. The neighbors are very happy that it looks like I brought the Georgia weather with me. I am not complaining either!

Don is busy flying the next couple of weeks so I am going to try and get more organized around the house. I enjoyed a great phone visit this morning with my previous employer in Alabama, Mr. Miller, and it was great to catch up with him and hear things are going well. I sure miss working with him, and maybe one day Don's job will again take us back to Montgomery.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hey Baby!
I love and miss you, and hope that you can catch up on a few things while I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

I never knew that ivy did that...if you get bored just call us here!

Love, Dar