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Friday, October 5, 2007

Excuses, excuses!

Well, I always keep my promises, but this week I failed. I promised to post some art, however, to finish a project I was working on I didnt' have the color paint I needed. Let me back up a minute...last weekend I decided to purchase some Etchall product from Dewberry Designs so I could start working on some projects. On Monday I checked my order through the tracking number and saw comments that the shipper had damaged the package in transit to me, so they shipped the box back to Rick at the Dewberry Design Warehouse. The next day I ordered 60+ bottles of paint. This morning I realized it was a long weekend and since I was going to Hershey, PA, I didnt want my paint to arrive tomorrow and sit on my porch all weekend. I quickly checked my order online via the tracking number only to be horrified when I realized my paint was being delivered today to a destination address in Las Vegas!!! The street address was similar to mine (3949 and mine is 3941)but this street, city, state and zip code was clear across the country from me! Anyway, I made a call to the warehouse to let them know about the problem (still hoping it was just computer error and the paint really was coming to me) but there was a lightening strike in Leesburg yesterday and the phones in the warehouse were down. Customer Service was nice and Marlene took down all the information and said someone from the warehouse would contact me, but due to the telephone problem it would probably not be until the middle of next week. SO...without the paint to work on my project, I found some older wine glasses, some white and black enamel paint and this is what I did: Wineglass Ghost Candleholders:

I want to get some glass tealight votives to glue on top for the candle to fit in. Hopefully I can find them. Wouldn't they be cute painted orange on the inside and like a jack o'lantern on the outside! Great table decoration for a party! I just have them sitting on a cake plate to make the picture.

Well, I better get to packing for my weekend. The plumber was here all morning and installed gas logs in my master bedroom fireplace. It is going to be so nice during the winter! He took longer than expected so I didnt get things done around here today like I thought I would. Have a great weekend and Columbus Day!


Linda said...

Great idea. These are really cute.
Looking forward to your seeing what you do next.

KJ said...

Hi Terry!

Thanks for popping by for the 100th Giveaway Post! And your comments are very kind! Remember that you can refer people, too, for additional entries.

I love the upside down wine glass candle holders! I have done that before with different sized glasses, however I have never done the cute thing you did on the bottom! Very cute!

Best Blessings, KJ

Sandy said...

Those are awesome!
What a fiasco with the paint stuff. Have you gotten your OSCI pin in the mail yet?

Scrappy Moments said...

Great Idea, Thes turned out Darling! I want to make some, so cute!!! You are so Creative :)