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Monday, October 8, 2007

Going Home...how much do you know about Weirton, West Virginia?

Weirton was first settled as the village of Holliday's Cove in the late 1700s.

The area began to grow rapidly after an industrialist named Ernest T. Weir founded and began to build a large steel operation in 1909.

Weirton Steel grew rapidly as did the communities near the company.

On July 1, 1947, the communities of Hollidays Cove, Marland Heights, Weirton Heights and unincorporated Weirton all joined to become the current city of Weirton.

The city of Weirton now has population of around 20,500 and is home to around 20 different industries.

The steel operation is now owned by the International Steel Group and is known as ISG Weirton Inc. The company has an annual production capability of 2.4 million tons of continuously cast steel.

The city of Weirton is located high in the upper panhandle of West Virginia. To the west is the Ohio River and the city of Steubenville, Ohio. To the east, Pennsylvania and 35 miles away, the city of Pittsburgh. East to west the state is just 5 miles. The city is the only community in the United States that borders two other states on two sides, and its own state on the other two sides.

Now you know a little more about the town where we live. We had a great weekend in Pennsylvania, but are ready to checkout of the hotel and head back to WV. Have a great Columbus Day!


~Doriann said...

Wow, you guys had a busy weekend. We went to Hersey Park in '92 but never checked out the rest of the town. If I recall we only got one piece of chocolate at the park.
Now I know where Weirton is located.....good to know since I didn't really know WV had a panhandle. Have a safe drive home and tell Don "hi". :)

jennifer said...

I loved the slide show! I think the Americana theme is incredible!

I noticed the flags, are they for loved ones from the military? My dad was killed in Vietnam so I look for these things.

Thanks for swinging by penofjen.blogspot.com! I love new visitors.

These post have me singing an Alabama song!So you have me!

Alice J said...

Heard(from Sandy at class 10-17-07) you was trying to reach me about a book or something for OSCI training? Yes I need it bad. Contact me ASAP.
My email address is: MediaDir95@bellsouth.net
Thanks a millon!
God put you in my path of life to help me with footsteps to painting success.

MOM said...

The view is awesome. Hersey Park sounds like a place Drex and I might enjoy when we get stateside.
Great side shows of your home and your paintings. I know you miss your painting classes and the teacher misses YOU!
Many Blessings,

Linda said...

Thanks for the history behind your town. Very interesting. Glad your trip was fun.

Jen said...

This might freak you out, but...my husband and I just moved into the same neighborhood 2 months ago ourselves; we're about a street and a half over. We take walks pretty frequently and your house is actually one of our favourites. (I am NOT a stalker, just googled "good thrifting" in Weirton and you came up.) How funny...what a small world!

*waves* Nice to 'meet' you, neighbor!