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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gettysburg picnic and battlefields

We had so much fun today. We left home this morning headed to Gettysburg to check out the battlefield. We were actually headed to our resort in Hershey, PA, and decided to make a stop in Gettysburg to get a glimpse of this historical city and to have a picnic with the puppies. What a great town it turned out to be. We found a fantastic Bed & Breakfast, and are already planning a trip back over to spend a few days and really get to explore all the historical sites.

We drove through the park and found a secluded picnic table in the beautiful fall foliage and stopped to eat lunch.

Lilo spent most of her time foraging in the dirt for a piece of pretzel that I dropped...she was filthy when we finished! Look at all that dirt on her face! Ha Ha Ha

It was a beautiful day and when we got on top of "Little Round Top" and we had an awesome view of the battlefield below!

It was such a great view even Stitch was smiling about it!

Down below to the side of the wheat field are beautiful homes that are being lived in today.
The battlefield fencing is still there, but it is hard to imagine the soldiers, cannons, etc. not to mention the bloodshed that took place on this ground during the war. It is so peaceful now and is such a pretty place!

We will certainly go back and make many more pictures of this Historical City. We could stay a week and not see it all. After we left Gettysburg we found our way to Hershey, PA. After checking into our hotel, Don and I grabbed a bite of dinner at a local diner and did some shopping at Target. Couldn't pass up this Halloween costume for Lilo:

She was so happy to get her costume. Don thought she was prissing around just to show off. I know that she was just glad to get some clothes on her back because it is sub-freezing in this hotel room!

Better get some sleep. Tomorrow is a full day of Hershey's Chocolate World, Resort touring, Outlet malls, and hopefully some taste testing. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I had a great day, and the puppies sure are worn out. Life is always a wonderful adventure with you baby!


Scrappy Moments said...

Great Pictures, Those will be fun to scrap. The Picnic looked fun and Hershey Chocolate World, yum, I'm drooling. I didn't know you had Puggies, They are darling. We used to have a pug puppy. My cousins have 2 Berkely and Boggie :)I just Love the Black Puggy, they look like velvet :)

Angie :)

Anonymous said...

You all, dogs included, look so happy! What would I do without your blogs? They are awesome! Can't wait to see the pics from Hershey!

Love, Dar

Sandy said...

Awesome pics. Would love to take Steven to Gettysburg ~ he's such a history buff.
Love that costume on lilo - trying to decide if my doggies are gonna get a costume or not.
Have a great rest of your mini vacation and give DON a big hug for me.

Sandy :)