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Monday, October 22, 2007

A great spot...and some tea?

Don is lucky enough to be spending some time in the Caribbean. He sent me these pictures last night. Sure makes me want to go to the beach today! I would love to spend the afternoon in this hammock with a good book.

I sure couldn't afford to eat much at the beach though..check out these menu prices...$12 for a burger? $10 for a chicken wrap? OUCH!

I had a fun day yesterday. I drove over to Washington, PA, about 35 miles from here...southeast. They had Pennsylvania's largest Christmas Arts & Craft Show at the fairgrounds this weekend. I had fun and got to see my friend Carol from certification. Mostly I saw candles, snowmen, food and jewelry. Not much in the way of painted things other than wood. I did get the yummiest pumpkin strudel and got powdered sugar and phyllo dough all over me and the car on the way home! The Trolley Museum is in Washington, and the Trolley stop is right in front of the entrance to the fairgrounds. Would have liked to have taken the $2.00 ride, but decided to wait for Don to join me.

Speaking of "Largest" things...do you know where the World's Largest Teapot is? Yep, in the next town to the North of me - Chester, WV!

See, reading my blog isn't just fun, its educational! He he he

I am headed to the Weirton Cultural Center and Museum to join the Weirton Woman's Club's Art Council for a museum tour and then lunch. Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Great Blog Terry! I'll try to send some rainy pics for you, so that the beach doesn't become a huge temptation for you!

Scrappy Moments said...

Wow, Love That Teapot :) Thats so cool :)

Did it ever actually hold liquid? Is it a silo?


Terry Richey said...

Good Question Angie! The teapot was orginially a Hires Root Beer Barrell back in the 1930's and was converted to a teapot to represent the large pottery industry in this area. Homer Laughlin the maker of Fiesta Ware China is located in this town. Thanks for asking. You can get more information by checking out this website www.worldslargestthings.com/easterntour/teapot.htm

Sandy said...

Cute teapot!
OMGosh!! I love Fiesta Ware ~ I have some other Homer L. pottery too but have to look for it to find out which pattern.
Have a great day!
Sandy ;)