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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Heidi!!

It is so hard to believe that my youngest is already 22 years old....that is so scary! They sure grow up fast. The last picture I had made with her was at Christmas last year:

I can't believe that I couldn't put my hands on a baby picture of her to upload on my blog today. I am sure they are all boxed up with the scrapbook stuff in my craft room. Oh well, she is and always will be the baby in my eyes! She is celebrating her birthday today at the Montgomery Zoo with her boyfriend. Hope you have a fun Birthday Heidi! I love you!


Anonymous said...

It's amazing to think that she is 22 y/o already. I'm glad that I had a hand in raising her, and I am so proud of the woman that she has grown up to be. She tested my patience as a child, and she fills my soul full of pride. Thanks for accepting me as your father Heidi.

Scrappy Moments said...

Aww, 22, wow. They do grow up fast, mine started High School this year. My Oldest.
Hope Hiedi has a Wonderful Birthday :)


Kim said...

Ah-h-h-h. She's so pretty and looks like a sweetheart. My middle child is 22 but will be 23 on the 13th of next month. The time sure does fly by! Hugs ~ Kim

Sandy said...

I hope Heidi had a wonderful birthday!!!

Have a great week.
Miss ya
PS Can't wait to see what you've been painting! I need some time to paint for me! Miss that so much!

Anonymous said...

Please pass along my "Happy Birthday" wishes to Heidi! Perhaps someday we can all get together.

Love, Dar