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Friday, October 26, 2007

Glass painting...

I played around in my craft room tonight and actually got a few things accomplished! I have been wanting to try out glass etching and painting. I bought two glass candle holders. A small glass candle holder for a taper candle and a short square candle holder for a votive. I etched the votive one and painted a rosebud vine on it. Decided to play with the metal tips that are made for the enamels and added some whimsical outlines. (wished now I hadn't). It was easier to paint the etched glass than the regular glass, in my opinion. Then I glued the two pieces together with E6000. A little more practice with the enamel paints and this would make a great gift and only cost me $2.00! As I look at the picture I think I might like it better if the bottom candle holder was etched as well. Might do that on the next one.

I also bought this small glass vase for a $1.00. I just love the solid white paint on the blue glass. As I uploaded the picture I see somethings I would change about the next one I paint. It was fun to paint with just the white paint and floating medium. I didn't have to worry about blending the colors. It was fun to play with the enamel paints and try somethings I haven't done before.

I also want to get out my HD paints and give them another try. I miss painting on the canvas, although I have absolutely no where to hang another one. I should have plenty time in the next week to get some painting done since the weather is terrible. Cold and rainy. I think the high Monday will barely reach 50 degrees.

I am going to make some cute Halloween candy treat bags that my mother told me about. She got the idea from Martha Stewart (like any true southern belle would!) and I can't wait to put them together:

They are made from two paper lunch sacks, some black string (or jute) and a stick from the yard...how simple! I am going to take them to my fellow classmates at tax school on Tuesday. Hope they enjoy them!


Kim said...

I've always wanted to try the glass etching also. You did a great job and I love the whimsy you added. The blue vase with the white roses is gorgeous! Do you remember my blue vase with the scroll work I painted a few months ago? I used white on it as well and loved the look. The little treat bags are adorable. Wow, you have been creative! Take care and try to stay warm and dry. Hugs ~ Kim

dad said...

just wanted to put a Boaz dot on your comment location map and also tell you Granny was impressed when I showed her the paintings, she would also like to have some of the treat bags (imagine that)?? love ya Dad

Sandy said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

have a great day.
Miss ya
Sandy :)