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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pirates Win!!! 3 to 2 in the bottom of the 9th!!

What a great game and a beautiful ballpark. PNC Field sit right on the river across from downtown. This was the view from my seat.

Pic of me and Don outside PNC Park:

PNC Park has the same Ivy as our new house growing around the outside fencing:

We met a great couple from Reading, PA, who came over to visit Pittsburgh for the weekend. I have to tell everybody....I LOVE THIS TOWN! The people are friendly, the land is beautiful and there is so much to do. I love to hear the northern accents....reminds me of old mob movies. LOL My kids called/text messaged while we were in the ballpark. My son was so excited to hear that I was actually happy to be in Pittsburgh. Can't wait until they can come visit and experience this place. I had another Primanti Brothers sandwich at the ballbark (actually I ate about 1/3 of Don's). But, guess what I did get to have? Banana's Foster - made by a real chef right before your eyes! It was so good and Don beamed with pride when he handed it to me hot right from the skillet. It was terrific.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MACY KATE & MOM, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Today is Macy Kate's 2nd birthday and my Mom's....uhh...well, I dont think she will mind, 62nd birthday! Hope you both have a great day and enjoy your birthday gifts. I love and miss you both very much!

Okay, bedroom pictures from upstairs in the house. Love Bedroom number one. It is 14 x 14 and has windows to the west where you can see the same view as from the sunroom and patio of the Ohio River. Still have to talk to my Mom, but I think this would make a great studio for my paints/scrapbooks. The paint and wallpaper is very nice and practically new in all the rooms! Remember, if you click on the picture you can see it bigger on your screen and see details better.

Bedroom two is actually suppose to be the master. Love the cornice board window treatments. This room is 15 x 14 and I think would make a great guest room! The wallpaper boarder reminds me of Dewberry flowers.

The third bedroom upstairs is currently being used as the guest room. It is 13 x 14 and has a huge closet. Again, love the wallpaper and boarder.

I think today's plan is to drive back up to Weirton, West Virginia and try and get familiar with the streets and the local businesses. I also want to take a picture of the bridge from Weirton to Steubenville, Ohio. Hope you all have a great day and check back in tomorrow to see what we got done today!


Anonymous said...

Life is a vacation, isn' it baby?


Anonymous said...

I love all of your blogs these days! I can't wait to read them each morning! Makes my day brighter! The views in PA and WV are absolutely breath-taking! Thanks for the Happy Birthday to Macy Kate....she wants everyone to be here now for "my cake". Maybe some year our families can all get together to celebrate!

Love, Darla