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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wish me luck!

We leave in the morning on a flight to Pittsburgh to house hunt...not a trip we are especially looking forward to! Tonight we had Don's farewell "Office" party at a friend's house. Thanks so much to Dana and Jeff our hostess and host. They did an awesome job serving homemade Mexican food! Jeff's Mother is visiting from Indiana and brought her cute little dog "Ice Cream". She is such a sweet dog, and has the most unusual coloring for a dachshund I have ever seen. I wanted my brother Drew to see her, since he has dachshunds.

Thought I would share another picture of one of the unusual sunflowers. We had a rainstorm this past Wednesday and the wind and rain blew some of the flowers over. I suspect that when we get back from our trip that most of the blooms will be gone. Thanks to my housesitting friends, they just might last a few more weeks!

Don has saved some of the blooms for seed, and we can't wait to see what we get when they bloom next year! I will update my post this week with info on our househunting trip. I have to say thanks to all of you that have hosted Don and I in your homes, or for dinner, or have accepted our invitations to dine in our home this week....we are going to miss all of our friends!

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