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Monday, June 25, 2007

Palisades...."The Ivy House"

We finally got to see the inside of this beautiful home today. We have looked at it over and over on the internet for a couple months. I cannot begin to tell you how awesome it is. Don knew immediately upon stepping inside that he was "home". I must admit I was leary, but really loved the inside as well. I think I was secretly hoping to hate it, but that just didn't happen. I will take more pictures in a couple days when we make our offer. Today was very hazy and the view of the Ohio River just didnt do it justice. The view is simply breathtaking. Click on this picture to pull up a full size view of the front.

I was asking Don about how my furniture and decorating taste was going to fit with the interior of this gorgeous home...he said "That's your Mother's problem!". LOL My Mom is an awesome decorator and he knows that no matter what after my Mom gets finished it will look great! I just received the most awesome gift from my BF Sandy, which will look fantastic in this home. I will have to get her to email me a picture of it so I can post it on my blog.

We have eliminated all the homes in Ohio, and will be looking at Pennsylvania homes tomorrow. Unless something else simply "knocks our socks off", we will make an offer on the Ivy House. I will update again in a day or two. This has been a tiring, but productive day!


Sandy McTier said...

OH! That house is gorgeous. Did you get to take pics of the inside? Hope it works out for you guys to get that house!
About the roses - let's figure out a time when you get back to get together and paint them before you leave!!
Thanks for listening to me today and as always giving me some good advice. Miss ya.

Anonymous said...

I have never had a house speak to me like this house did. It kept telling me that we were meant to live there, and that this house was the perfect house for Terry and I. What a great feeling. If the stars align, and this house becomes ours, I don't want to experience the feeling of having to sell it when we move. That would be awful. I really hope that the owners or their realtor don't read this, or I am not getting off on the cheap.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I REALLY hope you guys get this house as I have had dreams of sitting in the sunroom drinking coffee with you guys! Oh, Macy would be drinking coffee with us, too!


Kim said...

Gorgeous! I hope it becomes your home! I'd sure love to visit! ;o) Keep us posted. Hugs ~ Kim

Doriann said...

WOW! That is a cool looking house and the view looks awesome. ~Doriann

Anonymous said...

Mom said ask Don what the budget is for resolving "Her Problem".

Dad said "Maybe a huge yard sale in GA, forget the hassle of TMO and start a fresh approach in WV". Oh,,,and is there a veggie garden????