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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Scar Face House??

I think my son Jimmy definitely watched too many mob movies as a child. Check out this house in Steubenville, Ohio. My son SO wants Don to buy this house.

It has a great Foyer!

And the living room isn't too bad. I love the mantel!

BUT...the staircase...can you say "Night at the Museum? LOL

OH..and did I mention the peptobismol pink walls? They are in the bedrooms, formal dining room, bathrooms etc!

Listing price of house - $285,000.00. New paint job to cover all the pink walls -$10,000.00. New banister on stairway to replace museum rope - $2,500.00. Knowing that I will NEVER live in this house - Priceless! LOL

Would love to stop by and see it though. I would just like to meet the lady that decorated this place! Have a good day! OH, and Jimmy? "Say Hello to my Little Friend" I love you!


Anonymous said...

I SO want Jimmy to shut up.

Sandy McTier said...

I would so totally purchase that house! Could live with the pink walls but not sure about the railing (lack of I mean)
Hope you guys find something while you are house hunting. Miss ya already.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy must have got his eye for detail from you....I never would have noticed that railing (?). Strange...I vote for the IVY HOUSE!!!!!! Hope you guys get to rest tonight!


Anonymous said...

Well this is one time I can't support my grandson..................This
Ain't the one! Unless it gets worse from here on and the price is REALLY GOOD!! It may be ok for Jimmy and Lilo but its a bit too
fancy for me and Stitch.

Ya'll have fun and be safe........love ya, DAD.