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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Farewell lunch...boo hoo....

Yesterday was my farewell luncheon with the AFRC spouses. We had a fun lunch at Sushi Thai and it was so nice to visit with everyone and catch up since I have been on the road so much since April. Of course my BF Sandy attended also and painted me this beautiful rose painting with her signature "water drop"...can you find it?

Isn't that awesome!

Thanks to everyone who attended, and to Lynn (first one one left) who gave me a handbook on "How to Speak Pittsburghese". I have already been warned about how my southern accent will be accepted in Pennsylvania (wow, I learned to spell it! LOL) Can't wait to share all my new experiences with you. Stay tuned, it should be comical! Also received the traditional porcelain magnolia flower that all AFRC spouses are given when they leave. I didnt want to take it out of the box for fear that it would get broken in the move. I promise to post a better picture of it when I get to PA....in like thirty three days....WHAT????


Sandy McTier said...

33 DAYS! OMG!! It will be here before we know it ~ especially with us both being gone so much between now and then.snif snif

You ex DIL can most likely get them there at the furniture store on base and see if she can mail them to the AAFES furniture store at a base close to where you'll be.

Tell Don to change his mind!!

Kim said...

You have some awesome friends and I know they are also saying good-bye to an awesome friend. I'm signed up for 5 classes in July so maybe we'll be in one together! Let me know which classes you're taking. Your gifts are beautiful! Hugs ~ Kim