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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Definitely a "GUY" post...are you listening Matt?

You will never believe what we found yesterday while driving around Wheeling.....

YEP...CABELA'S!! Ladies, if you have never shopped in a Cabela's or a Bass Pro Shop store with the man in your life, you simply don't know what you are missing. I was amazed when I walked in the front door and this is what I saw:

This place is huge. And....you don't' just shop there. It is a store, restaurant, museum, convention center and a shooting range. I don't know how long we were there, but let me tell you it was awesome. I have been thinking about my BIL Matt. How are we going to entertain HIM when he gets to come? Macy Kate and Darla are easy...lots of cool things for the girls, but unless your a huge sports or civil war fan there isn't much for the guys. Well, now I have the answer! Darla and I can enjoy coffee and fudge at the Powder Horn Grill while the guys wish....(I mean shop)and then we can leisurely stroll through the "exhibits" with Macy Kate:

Don was in heaven and quickly started his Christmas wish list.

Speaking of Christmas wish list, in the Pittsburgh Paper today guess what I found? An advertisment for "The Lion King" on Broadway - coming to Pittsburgh! YIPPEE!

So I quickly started making my Christmas list! The show starts in January and tickets go on sale at 9:00 tomorrow morning. I will be on the phone first thing to get Don and I tickets for Valentines Day. What a romantic way to spend the evening, huh? The first year Don and I were married he bought me "Beauty and Beast" Broadway tickets for Valentines Day. We saw the show in Birmingham, Alabama, and ever since I have wanted to see every single Disney Broadway play. We love the miniature version of the Lion King Broadway at the Animal Kingdom, so we got chills just watching the video trailer on the Pittsburgh Arts website this morning. All this Disney discussion started us thinking about our WDW trip in December. Then...Don says "What would Christmas be without seeing a Christmas Play". We always enjoyed "A Christmas Carol" at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival when we lived in Alabama. Well, since we were shopping for play tickets Don took a look at the holiday plays and found a great play based on my mother's all time favorite Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life". So, we bought tickets and this is what Don and I will be doing the weekend of Thanksgiving. Our tickets are for Saturday night after Thanksgiving at 8:00. We will have dinner in Downtown Pittsburgh and catch the play entitled "This Wonderful Life" at the Pittsburgh Public Theater. Can you tell I am excited?

Back to the reason for my trip to Wheeling. I wanted to purchase some gas firelogs for the master bedroom fireplace. I am dissapointed to report that the fireplace store "Fireplace and Fixins" was simply to expensive for my taste. So, I ended up back in Lowe's and purchased a nice set of logs for a 1/4th of the price! I plan to call my plumber in the morning and see if I can set up an appointment to get these things installed. It was 48 degrees this morning at 10:00 a.m.! Will post pictures of the fireplace when it is finished.

I am going back to my craftroom now (although I have tax studing to get done sometime today as well) and see if I can finish what I started. Don't you hate when you get ready to paint a project and realize you don't have the color paint you need? ARRGGHHH Oh well, when Rick at One-Stroke gets to work tomorrow he will be packing me a box full of EVERY COLOR paint and sending it my way. Now I will have NO excuse not to get some painting done! Ta Ta for now!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you had a great day too! 25 minutes to the east of us in Robinson Township PA, there is a Gander Mountain store. Matt will have no shortage of hunting stores when he comes to visit, not to mention the Mountaineer Gaming Resort 15 minutes from our house. When they get table games later this year, it will be difficult to decide where to go, hunting stores or to play BlackJack!

Thanks for the great weekend baby. Spending weekends with you really make Mondays seem long.


Kim said...

I've seen the Cabela's catalog but only been to Bass Pro Shop. Now that we have one in Macon Wayne takes a monthly visit with Bryant to "man shop"! I am so behind on posting but I've just been too busy. I make time to comment on Sandy, Linda, Alice and your blog but that's about it. Can't wait to see what you paint. Hugs ~ Kim

Sandy said...

Hey girl,
WOW! Now that is a store. Bet my boys would have a blast in there.
We saw Lion King in London and it is amazing ~ you are going to LOVE it!
I just ordered too and poor Rick probably looked at that order and said - WHAT is this - one of everything in the warehouse~hehehe.
The boys unpacked it for me last night because the task was just to daunting for me!
Have a great day.
Sandy :)

Anonymous said...

Matt would love that store...we just got 3 things that he ordered from Cabela's this week...one of the itmes is backordered until next week. Man, we'd be in trouble if we lived that close to one. He'd probably want to work there. I just don't know when we'll get to come. I'm so sad becasue I can't wait to see you guys!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about all the mistakes in my post...typed too fast!