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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Richey Weekend at the Strip and a new driveway!

What a busy week it has been around here. We are having lots of fun with Don's parents. Don took us to Primanti Brothers last Friday so his parents could try the local flare. They really enjoyed the sandwich and loved the fried zucchini.

Saturday we spent the day in downtown Pittsburgh in the Strip District shopping for seafood, cheese, fresh bread, etc. It was almost like being in a foreign country! Here are some pictures:

We have been watching a local television channel about things made and sold in Pittsburgh. One of the items that caught our eye was Red Ribbon Cherry soda. We finally found some at Wholey's Grocery Store in the strip and Don bought us some...yummy!

We had so much fun on the Strip that yesterday Don's Mom and I went back and spent two hours shopping in a fantastic used book store, a local chocolate shop that has candy from all over the world (including our favorite Kinder Eggs), an awesome Greek restaurant, a art studio with art made from Pittsburgh steel, and the local pottery. We also found this great jazz statue on our way back to the interstate. It is on Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh:

While we have been having all this fun, our contractor has worked hard on the driveway! It looks great and we can't wait to start using it this weekend.

This man has worked so hard getting this done for us. Every inch of grass was removed by hand. He leveled the ground with a sickel. He hauled every yard of concrete down the driveway in a wheel barrow. And he smoothed the concrete by hand with a rake and a trowel. Not one piece of electric or gas powered machinery was used! Don's father's back was breaking just watching this guy hunched over for two whole days smoothing concrete.

Today is mani/pedi day for the Richey girls. I will also make and post some pictures of my Fall display that Don's Mom and I worked hard on earlier this week. Have a great Thursday!


Kim said...

Looks like you've been having fun. I don't guess you've been doing much painting though. Thanks for sharing the great pictures and so glad you were able to spend so much time with family sharing your new home and its' surroundings! I can't believe the guy doing the driveway! He's got to be one in a million! Take care. Hugs ~ Kim

Anonymous said...

Terry, you are such an awesome hostess! I know mom and dad are cherishing their time with you and Don. Can't wait to try that cherry soda!

Love, Darla