Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Deer, Dear (me) and Dinner Guests!

Just a quick blog for all of you that send me emails wondering when I am going to blog again! Ha Ha Ha Last Sunday while Don I were enjoying the patio the deer came to visit. It was starting to get dark and my camera while on the night setting doesn't take very clear pictures, but you get the idea:

There are four of five of them that call our backyard home. They really love the birdseed and of course - the chestnuts!

Don's Squadron Commander Ben and his wife Pam had dinner with us on Tuesday night. Don snapped a quick picture of me in the kitchen fixing ribs, baked beans, fried corn, coleslaw and texas toast:

After dinner we went to the patio and enjoyed the view, the dogs and the great company!

Lilo really liked Pam's lap!

Well, its Saturday morning and time to get ready for another road trip adventure! I will blog and let you know what we did today. Gotta hurry and get home so we can catch the Alabama v. Florida State game AND the Auburn vs. Florida game! Gotta love college football when you get two great games like that to watch in one night!! Congrats to the University of Southern Florida who beat West Virginia last night. Now the pain of them beating Auburn doesn't hurt as bad. Have a great Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Hey Baby,
Don't stop blogging! I love reading your version of our adventures and just because people don't leave comments to your blog doesn't mean they don't enjoy reading them!

Sandy McTier said...

Awesome pic of you!
How cool to have those deer come right into your yard - until they eat all of your flowers!LOL
Can't wait to see what adventures you went on today.
I'm swamped painting and have been a bad bad blogger lately.
have a great weekend.
Sandy ;)

Kim said...

Great picture of you in your beautiful kitchen! I got your thank you note. That was too sweet of you to send me a note and totally not necessary. I painted with Sandy today. We painted River Birches in HD. I'm going to have to play around with it some more to decide if I like the HD or not. The painting came out pretty good though and of course Steph and I had a great time with Sandy. Wish you could have been there! The deer are so sweet. I know you must enjoy your patio and all of the nature. Don is right, I LOVE reading your blog! I also KNOW how good it makes me feel to get a comment so I ALWAYS try to let you know I've stopped by. Can't wait to see where you two went today!

Scrappy Moments said...

Great Pictures of those deer. They come in our backyard during Autumn and Christmas Season once in awhile, which is a complete mystery to me since we have a fenced backyard,lol. Glad to see you blogging again. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments :)