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Sunday, September 23, 2007

General Custer, Switzerland, Antiques and lots of Chestnuts!

What a great Saturday Don and I had! Went to Holmes County, Ohio (yes, again!) but this time we drove a different route and ran into New Rumley, Ohio, the birth place of General Custer! You never know what you might find when you just get the car and drive! We were very excited to run into the town of Berlin, Ohio. Just outside of town we came across these road signs inviting us to turn and go a couple of miles to "Little Switzerland" where the Guggisberg Baby Swiss Cheese Factory is located. We found a great little restaurant called "Chalet in the Valley". It was like being in Switzerland with authentic German/Austrian food. The waitresses were so cute!

I had great german brauts, sauerkraut, potatoes and green beans. Don had the schnitzel...veal with REAL spaetzle, which I realized I don't like! I love spaetzle made at home from a box that you buy at the commissary. The homemade ones tasted more like homemade play dough...it was the consistency I think. Oh well, Don enjoyed it and that is all that mattered.

Across the street from the restaurant is the cheese factory/gift shop and the cutest little ice cream stand!

Don and I reminisced over lunch about his trip to Switzerland to attend "Swiss Raid Commando" the year we were married. He went the last day of September of 1999 and pinned on Major the next day..October 1st! We were so proud. Man, time flies when your having fun, huh?

We stopped at an Amish Flea Market in Walnut Creek, Ohio and found the cutest birdhouses made out of antique pots/pans/spoons, etc. Some were made from big pots and others from smaller sauce pans. Neat stuff!

I also stopped at a local craft store and found the greatest yard pumpkins made from sheet metal. Unfortunately, they were much more than I was willing to pay for them ($159 each!), but I love the look! Maybe I can make a pattern and cut some out of plywood. Wouldn't be the same, but would still look great in my yard:

Okay...finally the Chestnuts! WE are up to our ears in chestnuts! The tree is so loaded with them that the branches are touching the ground.

They are very hard to harvest because you have to have leather gloves in order to touch them...they hurt...BAD!

We have read up on how to harvest and keep the nuts, but other than the old "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" idea, we have no idea what do with them! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My friend Doriann in Georgia used to get chestnuts every year from Williams Sonoma for her dressing at Thanksgiving. Hey Doriann, maybe you could email me your recipe and I will try it this year. I might even share some West Virginia chestnuts in return!

Today we attended church at Weirton First Baptist with our neighbors. After church they treated us to lunch at the Williams Country Club. The church was small, quaint and everyone was very friendly. I was delighted to learn they have a quilting club on Thursdays and a scrapbooking club on Fridays. Sounds like my kinda church! The food at the country club is awesome and the club itself is beautiful. We can actually see it from our back porch and it is just as elegant in person.

Well, Don is enjoying NFL and getting ready to fire up the grill for dinner. I still have studying to do. Tomorrow is my first test at tax school. Have a great week and I will post some art this week - I promise!


Kim said...

It sounds like you guys are having a GREAT time! I am so glad you are enjoying your new home. I've been at the E.R. all day with Ashley so I'm exhausted. No painting like I'd planned this weekend. I'll talk to you soon. Hugs ~ Kim

Anonymous said...

When I come to visit I want to go to Little Switzerland! There are just the neatest little places over there! You two are so much fun!
Love, Dar

Sandy McTier said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!
Hey, I just saw those pumpkins made of steel here in Gray, GA on the way back from the farm - they were huge but I didn't stop to see how much they were.
Have a great week. Great chatting with you today!
Sandy :)

Anonymous said...


Hi Terry....I never knew what a chestnut tree looked like. They are hard to open....the first time I made this dressing I got nuts from Publix and had to roast them in the oven, what a MESS! I order the nuts now and last year I had Kenny pick them up while in Charleston.
Little Switzerland looks like Germany, so cute. Glad you guys are settled and exploring the area. Kenny misses Don peeping over his cubicle to say "Hi".
AFRCS has started up again......sure miss you.

Anonymous said...

Sausage, Corn Bread and Chestnut Dressing

from Williams Sonoma........looks like the link isn't all there. Guess I'll make it again this year!


MaryB said...

Hi Terry, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I looked for a way to email you and couldn't find one. The first two full weekends in October they have the National Apple Harvest in the surrounding Gettysburg Area. They have over 300 craft booths set up, more food then you can eat in a day, and at least 20,000 people a day coming to the Harvest. Soooo, if you were looking for Hotel accomodations, you best be getting them now. Or, Hershey is just 45 minutes away from Gettysburg, and probably easier to get a motel there.
If you read this shoot me an email at mbosserman@comcast dot net.

Larry said...

First cut an X on the flat side so they don't explode. Put them in the oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.
I use a toaster oven. Eat them hot.
I wish I had a tree in my yard.

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