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Monday, December 3, 2007

December comes with ice, snow and parties!

Saturday night we attended Don's office Christmas party in Pittsburgh. It was very nice, but was raining when we got there. There was a winter storm warning but it was not suppose to hit until 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Don and I left the party about 8:30 and the ice had already started forming on Highway 22 from Pittsburgh to Weirton. We had to drive 10 miles per hour and the car slid sideways twice! I was terrified! All these cars were pulling off the side of the road and stopping with their blinkers on. I couldn't understand why, as I was thinking the longer they stay there the more ice there will be. Well, after taking us almost an hour to get home driving 10-15 miles per hour we realized that those cars were waiting for the salt/sand truck to drive by and cover the road so they could drive safer...DUH! Now I know what to do next time. We were kind of worried about the big hill that you have to drive up to get to our house, but realized when we got to Weirton that the roads were dry. Just as we pulled into our driveway at home the sleet started.

Needless to say, I stayed home all day yesterday since Don had to work and I had nothing I needed bad enough to drive on the icy roadways. The ice melted yesterday as the high was almost 50! We got up this morning to 46 mph winds, high of 32 and low of 26 for today (wind chill 21) and this is what I saw when I got the paper:

It is still snowing and it is predicted to do so for the next three days! I will take pictures periodically and post them so we can keep up with how much we get this week.

Don and I attend the Palisades Drive Christmas Party next door at Bill and Jane's last night:

We had so much fun and got to meet another couple that lives across the street from us. Well I better get busy, I have three friends coming for lunch today and I have to get up with Skip next door for a quick lesson on the snow blowing machine!


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Anonymous said...

Great picture of you two! Hope you don't get anymore ice!