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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Working Girl...

I am so excited that I thought I would share my news - I interviewed with a very prestigious law firm in Weirton this past Tuesday. Got a call from the office manager this morning - I GOT THE JOB! I start work on January 14th. I am eager to get back into the office setting and make some extra money. The firm is 4 miles from the house so I will be able to come home at lunch to walk Lilo & Stitch. The lawyer I will be working with is a products liability/personal injury attorney - very interesting practice and I am definitely up for learning a different side of the legal system.


Jimmy said...

Grats on the job Mom! That should be an interesting practice. I can't believe all that snow...its amazing. I had a great idea though-in january/feb I'll come visit and you can bribe me with fudge no-bake cookies to shovel all day long....I'll sure burn the calories off anyway! Hope things are going well and it was great to talk to you. Love and miss all of you!

Sandy said...

Great chatting with you today!
Have fun digging out of the snow - just think - you'll be in sunny FLORIDA tomorrow!

have a great and safe time.

Sandy ;)

Anonymous said...


Matt, Darla & Macy Kate

Alice J said...

CONGRADULATIONS! I have been so busy and I have neglected visiting my favorite blogs. We have a 12 acre pecan orchard and we have been going crazy with the pecans! Maybe one day I can catch up.
God has put you in this job to influence a lot of people and bring you closer to Him.
May He bless you richly in your new job and bring you happiness there.