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Monday, August 13, 2007

Primanti Brothers Cheesesteak!

Yesterday I took my parents into Pittsburgh to the Air Reserve Base. Don wanted them to hang the pictures in his new office. Don treated us to lunch at Primanti Brothers, so Mom and Dad could have an original cheese steak sandwich. The sandwich is served on Italian bread with steak, cheese, onions, french fries (yes, right on the sandwich) and coleslaw. They are huge and taste fantastic! I prefer the pastrami over the cheese steak. The menu indicates that the cheese steak sandwich is the #2 bestseller. Daddy ask the waitress what the number one best seller was....her answer..."IRON CITY BEER". We all had a good laugh over that one.

Don told my dad that he hoped his cardiologist didn't read my blog! I am sure my brothers would be upset with some of the "bad" foods I have fed my parents while they are here! Oh well, they are on vacation so it is time to splurge. I am sure my Mom doesn't think this is much of a vacation, that's for sure!

We found some chairs for the fireplace sitting area on Saturday. Had to go to two different stores to get what we wanted, but this is how it turned out:

Don worked all weekend, but when he got home from drill on Saturday we had dinner and then DON WALLPAPERED THE STAIRCASE LANDING! After much complaining and whining, he got it all up and it looks fantastic. Here are before and after pics:



Didn't he do a great job?!? We were so proud. Don was the only one of the four us that could reach the top of the window on the ladder without getting dizzy and nauseous. My dad and I both suffer with vertigo (Dad more than me) so we decided since Don isn't afraid of heights, was the tallest and had the arm span enough to stretch the paper across the top without having to move the ladder that he simply had to be the one to do this job! The flag on the landing is a flag that flew with Don while he was flying combat missions in Iraq.


Lilo and Stitch had their baths on Saturday at "Nancy's Dog House". She did a fantastic job and the dogs smell terrific! They were both glad to get their baths and to get a reprieve on getting on the bed to take an afternoon nap!

In the background of this picture of Lilo you can see how foggy the mornings are here on humid days. You can't see the river until well after lunch sometimes! Today it was very nice, cooler (high was 82 degree) and the breeze was great. Dad worked outside on the handrails and the dogs spent the afternoon under the trees in the backyard. Mom and I continued working on the wallpaper in the bathroom and hopefully will finish soon! Tomorrow we are working on the kitchen and doing some light housekeeping. We still have the third floor that we haven't even started on. Looks like my parents will stay an extra week or so until we get it all done. Have a good Monday night and check back with me later in the week for another update.


Sandy McTier said...

Wow! It's all coming together nicely. Awesome that your parents can stay an extra week to help. I was wondering if I could rent them for the week after that - I have a lot of things that could use some doin and it would be like have grandparents around for my kiddos!hehehe! I'm sure they will need a vacation and lots of sleep after they leave yours.
Your puppies look clean and sweet.
Have a great week!
PS Did your dad see his handywork on my giveaway blog post?

Kathy Gorla said...

How I miss those PHILLY Cheesesteaks!!! Which I have to say are the best, sorry Pittsburgh. LOL! I am jealous! That looks like what we call a Sicilian pizza.
Just when I think you can't add red,white & blue somewhere you surprise me.
You are so very blessed to have parents that have that decorator insight!

Kim said...

Terry, Everything looks so great! I sure would love to sip coffee in the morning and enjoy that spectacular view! I think that is a great idea Sandy had about renting your parents out! ;o) Take care and I'll send you an e-mail soon. I just got it from Sandy a few days ago. Hugs ~ Kim

Shane said...

shane says.......
I won't be mad about Dad having the sandwich, if he brings me back one!!!! Don't worry about keeping it hot....it's hot enough down here. As a matter of fact here in the south the have a new menu item in all restraunts called "Not so Iced Tea". Gas prices aren't $#!+ compared to the electric bill we're gonna have.... Oh by the way....Don't tell Mom & Dad that we moved in to there house for awhile to save on OUR power bill....LOL

Alice J said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the new border.
It a shame you had to move off and leave such a good art teacher. Maybe you can find one up there.
But I guess she can spend more time with me now. Since I am her problem student anyway.
She really has a talent given to her by God. And so do you.
God Bless,