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Thursday, August 9, 2007

More pics!

Okay, I am going to post a couple of pictures of the living room (although we are not completely finished), but first a couple of before pictures:

And now....

I had to place my piano kinda catty-cornered so as not to block the a/c vent. Would have preferred it to be on the wall, but didnt want to block the windows either. See the stained glass angel? My friend Mary Jo gave it to me as a gift and my father thinks it is the prettiest "knick-knack" in this room. Doesn't my settee look fantastic!? My friend Sandy gave it to me as a farewell gift when I left Georgia. It needed a few repairs and my father built a completely new frame under the seat. We can sit four adults comfortably on it and it is sturdy enough to stand on! I was delighted that it fit so perfectly in my new living room. The americana pillows on the settee were also given to me by Mary Jo. I miss my friends, they are so good to me!

I have to send kudos to my neighbor Kay. She is so kind and has been very helpful to us since we moved in. She brought over the best corn on the cob ever (twice!), some homegrown tomatos from her hubby Skip's garden, and today she brought over the most perfect homemade pie I ever saw...rhubard! Her pie crust was so pretty that my dad and I had to make pictures of it.

Kay has been a lifesaver on her knowledge of not just this house, but also on wallpapering. My mom is pretty good at, but was completely lost on how to remove the old paper, prepare the concrete wall, and hang the new paper. Kay is a professional on wallpaper and not only loaned mom all the tools she needed, but has come over to give step by step hands on instructions! Tomorrow she will help mom hang the paper and I will be sure to post before and after pictures when it is completed.

This house has been a lot of work, and Don and I could never have been able to afford the house if we had to hire out the work my mom and dad have done. We are forever grateful for all their efforts and all the love they bring to this home. They will be rewarded with an all expense paid trip to Walt Disney World for one week at Christmas. My mom has always wanted to go to Disney at Christmas time, so this year Don and I will fly to Orlando to show my parents how to celebrate the holidays "Mickey Mouse" style. Just a small token of our appreciation to them for all they mean to us.

Dad installed a hanging closet rack in the laundry room for me today, so I need to get busy and unpack my wardrobe boxes. Yep...been here almost three weeks and still have boxes that need unpacking!

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Sandy McTier said...

WOW! What a difference. The seatee looks and sounds awesome! So glad you can actually sit people on it now.
Has it only been 3 weeks? - seems like 3 months already!
What a sweet neighbor you have to bring over the yummy pie and treats from the garden. Plus, all the knowledge on wallpapering and workings of your house!
Have a wonderful weekend!