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Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Drew...and more pictures too!

Happy Birthday Drew, hope you had a great 41st! Drew is my brother who has a 20 year old son, an 18 year old daughter and just had another son who is 4 months old...way to go Drew! Here is a picture of him with my little nephew Ryder on his first trip to the beach. He is going to be just like his Aunt Sissy....A Beach Lover!

Got lots of things done today. My neighbor Kay came over to help Mom with the wallpaper and they are about half way finished. Probably will be next week before Kay gets a chance to come over again and help. I am so grateful that she is willing to help. Don't know what Mom and I would have done, because we didnt have a clue about how to paper these concrete walls. We did finish the sunroom today. Here are some before and after pictures:



Doesn't my saltbox house window that Sandy McTier painted just melt your heart when you see it?! It looks so great from both my formal dining room and my sunroom. It is the number one commented upon piece in my new house! I have so much respect for Sandy, not just as a great person, but for her artistic talent as well. I am honored to have this piece and have it displayed in my home.

Don is back home today and was pleased with the progress that my parents and I have made since he left. Don has drill this weekend, so my parents and I will keep up the hard work and get even more done on this beautiful home. Thanks for stopping by to check out our progress!

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Sandy McTier said...

Hope your brother has a wonderful birthday ~ wow! and what a range of ages of his kids.
The house is looking awesome! I love that rug in your sunroom!
You are too kind and I'm so glad that you like your window. That seems like the perfect place for it so it can be seen on both sides.
Welcome Home Don! Have a wonderful weekend I'll chat with ya soon.