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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Alex...and large pizzas West Virginia Style!

Don's daughter Alex is 18 today!! Happy Birthday Alex! I am sure she is working hard and getting ready to start school at the University of Alaska at Anchorage. We love and miss her so much.

Want to see what you get when you order two large pizzas in West Virginia? Check it out:


I called to the local pizza place "Di Carlos" last night to order pizza for four of us (me and Don and my parents). When you order pizza here you order by the slice. I didn't know how to order by the slice so the kids says "you can order a tray of pizza". I was thinking a tray was like a large pizza from Pizza Hut...right? NOPE! We laughed when we saw how much pizza we had for the four of us! The crust is all homemade and the pizza really was terrific. Guess what we are having for lunch and dinner today? And probably tomorrow as well!! All this pizza for $28.00!! Next time I will know to order a couple of slices per person.

Lilo and Stitch have bath appointments today. I am excited to use "Nancys Dog House" that is right here on the mountain in Marland Heights (that is the name of our neighborhood). We have a Marland Heights Deli just a couple of streets over that sells great fried chicken, has a complete deli, convenience store and sells lottery tickets. This will be nice when the weather gets bad and you dont want to drive down the hill to main street to shop. I will let you know how the puppies enjoy their baths.

Have a great Saturday and if you live in the south - STAY COOL!! It is 69 degrees this morning on Palisades Drive and the high is 85 today.

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Sandy McTier said...

WOW! Now that's a pizza for the McTier's! and what an awesome price for that much pizza.
Hope Alex has a wonderful birthday.

Have a great week and I'll get the measurements on the stands for you

Sandy :)