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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sad news....and Snow!

Last week while Don was in Puerto Rico, someone came on our property and cut down a very huge old Elm tree, and attempted to cut down some more trees but only damaged them to the point that they will definitely die and fall. Not sure why anyone would want to vandalize our land, but perhaps they were trying to open up "their" view of the Ohio River. Don and I are very saddened and it seems that nobody heard or saw anything. Not much the Weirton Police can do for us if we can't prove who did it. We have our suspicions and if the person that did this happens to be reading this blog I hope they know how heartbroken Don and I are over these events. The property is being monitored and no trespassing signs have been posted. If and when you are caught we intend to pursue the matter to the fullest extent of the law. Enough said.

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow! Yesterday afternoon we had our first snow flurries of the year. It was so cold and windy, and the Ohio River looked like the ocean with all the white-caps from the wind. The wind chill was 29 degrees...brrrrr. Lilo was not at all thrilled about the snow flurries and when we came in she was covered with white snowflakes and was very cold. Stitch on the other hand loves the cooler weather and continued to ring the bell to go outside all afternoon. You aren't going to believe this...it is now snowing again...right this minute! Much harder than yesterday too!

Don and I are very excited that Matt, Darla and Macy Kate will be joining us this year for Thanksgiving..Yippee! Can't wait to show them around the area and spend some quality time with Macy Kate.

Isn't she cute in her Halloween "Cat" costume!


Anonymous said...

Another great blog baby. I hope someone fesses up to the crime. It's amazing that we can have such great neighbors one minute, and then someone down the street shows how unhospitable they can be. I still love this place, but it goes to show you that whenever you live in close proximity to other people, some will always do what they want to, regardless of whether it is the right thing or not. What comes around, goes around, and I'm sure that their sins will find them out.

Anonymous said...

That is very disturbing about the tree. I think we are heading for a warm up here in Illinois for the weekend. I love this crisp weather...but not so much the wind. Can't wait to spend Thansgiving with such great company and in such a beautiful place!


Alice J said...

SNOW? What's that? We would be happy for some rain.
Thanks for the comment about the fruit on my blog! It wasn't as hard as I thought. But Sandy does hers different from Donna. I like Sandys better.
The little girl in the cat outfit is soooooo cute! How could anyone turn that little cutie away at Halloween? Love the outfit!
Gotta get back to the practice board!