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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Modeling for Charity...sort of....

I few weeks ago the Weirton's Woman's Club ask me if I would model for the local retail shoppe "Anna Kay's Unique Fashions" at their annual Glitz & Glamour Fashion show. You know me...can't tell them no when they ask for me to volunteer. The show was this past Sunday and I really had a great time. I modeled four outfits, but only have pictures of a couple of them. I am certain someone else made pictures and I will try and get my hands on them and post them later. I modeled a chocolate turtleneck with brown boot pants and a shearling coat:

Great outfit and I already owned the boots. Just not sure where I would wear something like this so I didn't purchase it. (Models get to purchase outfits they wear at discounted prices) It would be great for a ski trip to one of the resorts, but since that is really not my thing I passed this one up. As I post this I wish I had bought the scarf and gloves though. He He He

I also modeled some brown panel pants and a purple snake skin shirt. Snake skin and animal prints are big in this part of the country. I keep saying they are stuck in the 80's in this town! LOL

The great thing about this outfit was it felt like I was wearing pajamas! Very comfortable, not practical really.

I loved this black and white animal print blouse and black mermaid skirt outfit...unfortunately this is a HORRIBLE PICTURE! One of my friends had just informed me that I had won one of the top raffle prizes (I won a huge basket filled with 6 bottles of wine with a retail value of over $100...all with $5.00 worth of raffle tickets!)

Not a flattering picture, but I did love this outfit and brought it home with me. I really appreciate the opportunity to model for Doreen and Peggy and they have become great friends! Don and I are spending the day with Peggy this upcoming Saturday at a tailgate party for the Ohio State v. Michigan game...can't wait to share those pictures on my blog! What fun we are having in this town!

Okay, so that was Sunday. Saturday we trimmed trees (don't laugh) and went and checked out the local kennel for Lilo and Stitch. Don grilled some awesome ribs and I know much Heidi and Jimmy both wish they had a plate of them. They have always loved Don's grilled ribs.

Yesterday Don and I hit the Strip in Pittsburgh again. I love the Strip and could go every week.

We had lunch at my favorite Greek restaurant "LaBads" and I got to introduce Don to my friend Lawrence who owns the restaurant and Greek grocery store. I met him in September with Don's mom when she and I found this great restaurant on a girl's day out trip. I took Don to the local chocolate store where you can buy candy from all over the world, including our kids favorite "Kinder Eggs". We also found a great Mexican grocery store and got to purchase the peppers and goya products that we are so used to in the South. They had a beautiful colorful store!

Then we went to Art of Steel and checked out all the great art - funny sign, huh?

Then we discovered a new store "Stamoolis" another Greek grocery store.

I loved this old grape crusher they used to make wine in this very building back in the early 1900's:

Don loved the selection of cheeses -

But - the greatest find of the day was this (and it explains how different life is in Pittsburgh compared to Alabama and Georgia)- in the South we buy Uncle Ben's Rice in a box on the shelf, not by the pound out of a dispenser! Such a different fun outlook on life they have here. We love Pittsburgh, West Virginia and Ohio! Come and visit us when you can so we can show you all the great things there are to do in and around "Wild & Wonderful" West Virginia!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Baby,
That was the best way for me to spend a day off.....with you! Thanks for showing me the sights!