Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jacob & Alex's 4th of July Visit!

What a busy summer it has been in West Virginia. Alex and Jacob came for a long weekend visit over the 4th of July and we really enjoyed showing them around Pittsburgh. We saw the Zoo/Aquarium, Andy Worhol Museum, the Heinz History Center and The Natural History Museum/Art Museum.

It was great to see them and we wished they could have stayed longer. We are excited about going to Anchorage next May to see Jacob graduate High School and to check out Alex's first home away from home! Speaking of Alex - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!

She turns 19 tomorrow. She is getting ready to start her second year at the University of Alaska, and we are very proud of her. Visiting with Jacob & Alex was certainly the highlight of our summer.


Anonymous said...

YAAAAYYYY! An updated blog! I know that you have been busy with your job, but I still like reading what we do on your blog.


Sandy said...

Like Don said - YAAAAAYYYY!!! An update!!!! It was so awesome chatting with you on the phone. I miss our chats and really miss seeing you in person more!!! Miss painting with you and would love to get together in the near future and PAINT!
With all your upcoming events ~ have a fabulous trip, birthday, and visit with family and friends!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday! Were your ears burning Wednesday night? Sandy and I were talking about how much we missed you! I can't believe you beat me updating your blog! Take care and keep in touch! Hugs ~ Kim