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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Don, Happy Birthday to Don....

Saturday was Donny's 44th Birthday. We were iced/snowed in with a winter storm. We had great plans, but had to postpone them. We stayed home, played with the puppies, fixed camp stew, homemade bread pudding and watched a movie. We were grateful to be together, but wished the weather had cooperated with our plans to go to Pittsburgh and celebrate. Today the weather was so pretty. It was still cold (freezing temps), but the sun was shinning and the roads were clear, so we got out of the house. Don wanted lunch at "Joe's Crab Shack" and then we went and had him custom fitted for some new golf clubs (a set of irons) for this birthday present. He is so excited about the irons, and we cant wait until the weather warms up and he can golf with them. They should arrive in about two weeks and I will be sure to update my blog with a current picture of him with the new irons. We hit "Sams Club" for a few must haves and came home to enjoy a glass of wine, the puppies, the newspaper and the tv. We gotta hit the sack though and get ready for work this week. Don is flying a couple of nights this week and has a social function at the club on Thursday. Hopefully the snow will go away this week and next weekend we can get to the City of Pittsburgh and celebrate Don's Birthday at the Penn Brewery like we originally planned. I loved having lunch at Joe's Crab Shack, but eating seafood and listening to Jimmy Buffet made me SO HOMESICK for the beach I almost cried! Don is planning to take me to Key West this summer, but I am not sure I can wait until then to get out of this winter weather. Just might have to make a weekend trip to Florida/Nassau if I can find some good priced plane tickets. Wish we would win the BIG lottery and then we could move to Key West and live like beach bums!! Ha Ha...in my dreams!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully things will warm up..it's supposed to be in the
50's here today and the 60's tomorrow. Wish you could come here and visit! Maybe after the baby is born!


Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to Don,
Happy Brithday to Don,
Happy Birthday to Don,
Happy Birthday to Don!
From the McTier's