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Sunday, March 16, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB & RYDER, New Glasses, Blue Teeth and Tropical Islands!

My Nephew Ryder is ONE today! My stepson Jacob is 17!!!! That is so hard to believe. Sorry Jake, but the latest picture I had of you was in 2005. Hope they both have a very Happy Birthday and know how much I love and miss them.

Yesterday didn't turn out at all like we had planned. Don had a flight physical yesterday morning and while he was gone I lost one of the lens out of my reading glasses. After looking everywhere (I think maybe a puppy got it)I realized I had to do something quick, as I can't work without my glasses. Don called a Lenscrafters about an hour away in Pennsylvania and got me an appointment. The good news I did get some new glasses, AND we found and AWESOME BBQ restaurant! We have missed southern bbq since we got here. We also found a Verizon store and decided it was time to jump on the "bluetooth" wagon. I hope I can get used to having this air traffic controller thingy in my ear while I drive...isn't techonology amazing.

"You Who"....Alex? I got your Bath and Body, so watch the mail for a package this week. Heidi - I finally got the cookbook to go with your crockpot, so you will be getting another package this week as well.

Don will be TDY to various tropical islands for a week. I sure am glad I don't have his job...who in their right mind would want to leave the snow, ice and freezing temperatures to go to the Caribbean in all that sunshine, sand and saltwater? (I am trying very hard to pretend that "I" am the lucky one!) Not to mention the dump of a hotel they are staying in.

Yes my friends, that IS the Atlantis Hotel in Nassau. I mean really, don't you think they could stay in a better place on our tax dollars? Glad I don't have to stay there! (sob, sob....)

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Sandy said...

What a horrible hotel to have to stay in -hehehe!
I'd jump on a plane in a heartbeat to be there and I know you wish you could go with Don on this one!
Have a great week.
Sandy :)