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Monday, May 28, 2007

Vacation Inspirations!

What a great time I am having on vacation in Vero Beach, Florida. Ever since I took the seascape class from Sandy (in January I think) I have been aching to get to the beach! I miss taking paint classes, and really miss keeping up with all my classmates. Sandy has repeatedly asked me to get a new blog other than my MySpace account. She is right! This way I can have all my art work and scrapbooking creations on one blog. I am excited and cant wait to get back home to my craft room and upload all my cool stuff to show you. Enjoy your week!


Anonymous said...

Good Job, Terry! You are so talented!


Sandy McTier said...

AWESOME!!!! I'm so glad that I can add your link!!!!!
Better get home and get all your ART loaded huh? Or you can just go to my blog and copy the pictures from there. Hope you are having fun at the beach! I'm not too happy that you are gone all this time and then moving in July!!boohoo. We'll have a great time in June at Convention though! I can't wait. Watering your plants every other day ~ one bird nest has nothing in it and the other has 4/5 eggs. Can't wait to comment lots on your ART ~ you are such a great student and have learned so FAST! You started it all ~ if you hadn't asked me to teach at my house I don't know that I would have ever started teaching!!!

Kim said...

Yea, Terry! You joined our blogging world! Great to have you with us! A BIG thank you for getting Sandy started in teaching. My husband may not completely agree because that is ALL I want to do, but I thank you. Can't believe we haven't had a class together lately. Wish I was going to convention with you gals. I know you'll have a GREAT time! Hugs ~ Kim